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Phase-A-Matic™ Phase Converter


Uses & Applications

Will the phase converter run my kind of machine?

Our phase converters will run virtually any three phase machine. Below is only a sampling of the types of equipment and categories of machinery and applications that our phase converters are currently running, and many more not included in these lists. Whatever power your machine requires, we can supply it! To determine the right phase converter for your application, contact Phase-A-Matic, Inc. at 1-800-962-6976. Other sizing helps can be found at: Sizing Assistance, Rotary Converter Application Notes, Static Converter Application Notes, and CNC Phase Converter.

3 phase machines currently running with Phase-A-Matic™ 3 Phase Converters



Clothing / Textile

 screen printing

Hotel / Restaurant
 coffee grinder / machines
 cutter / mixer
 bottling equip.
 divider / rounder
 dumb waiter
 electric skillet

 fish skinner
 floor cleaner/polisher
 food processor
 garbage disposal
 ice cream / yogurt
 meat grinder / slicer
 meat saw
 mixers / dough / pizza
 pasta machine
 sausage stuffer


 air compressor
 crankshaft balancer
 diesel injection machine
 flywheel grinder
 hoist / lift / winch
 jet washer / steam / pressure
 seat and guide machine
 tire changer
 wheel balancer
 wheel mounting machine
 wheel spinner

 dry cleaning
 steamer / press
 washing machine


Marine / Nautical
 boats / ships

Medical / Health
capsule making
 x-ray machine

Metal Working
 bending brake
 box pan
 die cutter
 drill and tap machine
 drill press
 EDM cutting / CNC

 lathes / CNC / HMC's
 laser cutting / CNC
 metal former
 mills / CNC / VMC's
 orbital riveting
 press brake
 punch press
 rebar bender
 roll former
 rotary bender
 screw machine
 sheet metal roller
 soffit panel machine
 stretcher / cutter
 tube flaring
 turret punch press
 water jet cutting / CNC
 wire former / draw / bull block
 wire spooling / bending

Printing / Engraving / Letters
 book binding
 film processor
 letter sorter
 paper binder
 paper cutter
 paper drill
 paper folder
 paper shredder
 printing press

 air conditioning
 heat pump
 trucks / refers
 walk-in cooler / freezer

Shoe / Leather
 die cutter
 leather splitter / cutter
 shoe repair / finisher

Woodworking / Lumber
 edge bander
 door machine
 dust collector
 lathes / CNC / HMCs
 log splitter
 lumber kiln
 mills / CNC / HMCs
 molding machine
 router / CNC

 saw mills
 surfacer / thicknesser

Agriculture / Dairy
 center pivot irrigation
 cream separator
 crop dryer
 grain / seed cleaner
 grain dryer
 irrigation system
 planting machine
 seed cleaning machine
 valve actuator
 water pump

 heat sealer
 shrink tunnel
 shrink wrap
 vacuum packaging

 bottle capper
 bottle cleaner
 bottle corker / popper
 bottle filling compressor
 bottler / labeler
 conveyor / elevator
 wine crusher-stemmer
 wine press

Miscellaneous 3 phase machines run with Phase-A-Matic™ 3 Phase Converters
 air compressor
 air hammer
 battery charger
 book binding machine
 boring bar / machine
 bottling equipment
 bowling alley pinsetter
 can crusher
 canning machine
 capsule making
 clay target practice machine
 colloidal mill
 concrete grinder
 corner cleaner
 crimping machine
 diesel injection
 door hinge machine
 door & gate openers
 edging machine
 EDM machine
 engraving machine
 envelope converter
 film processor
 glass working machinery
 grader / produce
 hammer / air / trip / mill / forge
 hinge machine
 key seater (slotter) machine
 induction heating machine
 induction casting furnace
 injection molding
 jig bore
 letter sorter
 lock former
 magnetic current machine
 marine radar antenna
 matrix press
 mixers / fertilizer / chemical /
   jewelry investment / soil
 muller, sand
 oil recovery machine
 ovens / annealing / reflow, etc.
 pallet machine
 pin router
 pipe bender / notcher
 pipe organ
 plasma cutters
 plastic / granulator / working /
   injection molding
 polishing machine
 pottery press
 potting machine
 powder coating
 power hammer
 rectifier / aircraft ground support
 reverse osmosis system
 rivet spinner
 roller / power / gantry / angle
 rolling mill
 roll rack
 rotary powder compacting  press
 screening machine (dirt       shaker)
 screen printing
 sharpeners / bit / saw
 shoe repair/finisher / polisher
 shot blaster
 ski grinder
 soil vacuum extraction
 spring maker
 stair trencher
 tablet press
 tanning bed
 tapping machine
 thermal oxidizer
 threader (bolt)
 transmitter (radio & TV)
 trip hammer
 tube bender
 ultraviolet machine
 valve actuator
 Venetian blind machine
 waste treatment (pumps,  sludge, etc.)
 water jet cutter
 water treatment system
 wire / bender / spooling
 yarn twisting machine