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"KW" Rotary
Phase Converter

The "KW" Rotary Phase Converter is designed for world-wide use where the voltage input is 400-480VAC, 50Hz or 60Hz.
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Heavily loaded applications
Resistive load applications
Multi-speed applications
Multi-motor applications
Quiet operation
Simple installation
4 Year Warranty
Causes no interference to radio,
TV, or computer equipment
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PDF "KW" Brochures: 

KW Rotary Converter Brochure
KW Rotary Technical Notes
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4 Year Warranty

Model RH30-19KW shown     

Runs 3-Phase Equipment at FULL Power from Single-Phase Power Lines

For world-wide use on 50Hz, 400-480VAC

KW Model
Models & Prices

KW Model
Application Notes

KW Model


   Why buy the Phase-A-Matic, Inc. Rotary Converter?

Reliability, quality and construction of the PHASE-A-MATIC™ 
"KW" Rotary Phase Converter: 

Baldor Electric/PHASE-A-MATIC Design

The rotary portion of our converter is proprietary, custom built to our specifications by Baldor Electric, one of the largest and most trusted motor manufacturers in the world, with warranty stations nationwide and worldwide. It is a true phase converter and not a modified electric motor as most of our competitors use. Many years of testing, changing and developing the converter in conjunction with Baldor’s engineers has produced a very simple and trouble-free converter with extremely low idle current and low noise level. Many of our customers confirm that our rotary converters are the quietest and most trouble-free available.

Simplicity of design; uses all soldered connections
Keeping the design exceptionally simple reduces the risk of electrical connection failure to almost zero since these are some of the most common causes of failure.  We use only soldered connections with no mechanical electrical connections like spade clips, terminals or screws which can vibrate loose or corrode over time. There are no start capacitors, relays or contactors with connections which can come loose or arc and weld the contacts causing failure of the contactor and the start capacitors, and perhaps even the rotary converter or your equipment. Because of this we do not have circuit board failures caused by spikes generated by the magnetic contactors as some of our competitors do.

The Rotor
PHASE-A-MATIC™ failure rate is practically zero because the rotors are specifically designed and manufactured for rotary converter use. However, some of our competitors emphasize that rotors often fail. This is because they machine standard electric motors, modifying and thereby weakening standard electric motor rotors, which were not originally designed to be used as a phase converter.

Testing before shipment
Every converter is performance tested before shipment and assigned a serial number. These records are kept for review if any questions should ever arise about the performance specifications. 

Warranty Repairs
The most likely warranty repair would be bearings or windings, which are very rare. This type of failure is much less than 1%, and if it is going to happen at all, most likely would occur within the first 12 months. Failures after that are extremely rare.
See MTBF below.  

MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure)
Failure rate (MTBF) is so low it's almost impossible to determine. We find that within the first 12 months approximately 1 in 150 might have a problem, and usually within a few weeks or months. After the first 12 months, it might be one or less in 5,000 over a 30 year period. We continue to hear of our Rotary Converters that have been in service for 25 or 30 years, and which are still working flawlessly. It could go on to do another 25 or 30 years. There is very little to go wrong with the Rotary Converter.

Call Phase-A-Matic, Inc. 1-800-962-6976 for warranty repair stations in your area.  

Uses include: metalworking and woodworking equipment, farm/agricultural equipment, pumps, compressors, refrigeration, elevators, printing machines, rectifiers, lasers, radar, EDM machines, MRI, tanning booths, transmitters, welders, conveyors, hydraulic pumps, flywheels, ovens, dough mixers, laundry machines, and virtually every type of 3-phase machine, including CNC/PLC equipment, when used with the PHASE-A-MATIC™ Voltage Stabilizer.


Refer to Application Notes - additionally available in PDF form as RTNKW.pdf. Help is also available through the Sizing Assistance page. Just fill out the appropriate form and submit it to us. A qualified technician from Phase-A-Matic, Inc. will contact you.


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