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In 1966 Mr. Colin Johnstone, owner of Johnstone Mfg., needed to run some three-phase machines but only had single-phase power available. At that time he was designing and manufacturing lighting and scorekeeping equipment for NBC Studios for various game shows, specializing in finding simple solutions to complex requirements.

He applied this same expertise to the problem of not having the right power to run his machines. As a result, he developed a phase converter to run his three-phase equipment on his existing single-phase power. He soon noticed that others had need of phase converters, and by 1968 was producing Phase-A-Matic™ phase converters as a sideline to his other endeavors.

In 1982 the company was incorporated as Phase-A-Matic, Inc. At that time a line of Rotary Phase Converters was added to our line of products. Through innovative manufacturing techniques, we have been able to continue to provide a high-quality product at an economical price.

Quality at Phase-A-Matic, Inc. is the highest priority. We strive for the highest quality in customer service, technical support, and product reliability. Every product is fully tested before leaving our plant. We have a friendly, efficient customer service staff ready to take your order or to refer you to the distributor nearest you. We normally have all models in stock for immediate delivery. Orders received by noon are usually shipped the same day. We have over 3,000 distributors nationwide and in Canada, many of whom regularly stock our most popular sizes.
Sales of phase converters increased so rapidly that by the early 1970’s he was devoting his full time to the manufacture of phase converters. Expanding his staff and facilities, he could barely keep up with the phenomenal growth in sales. All the while, he continued to make refinements in reliability and ease of installation of the phase converters.
Our technical support team is ready to answer any questions you may have regarding the sizing or application of our converters. They can also assist in determining wiring or connection problems, and can make recommendations to get your equipment functioning as quickly as possible. We look forward to doing business with you!

Quality is our Top Priority

Quality is a top priority for us at Phase-A-Matic, Inc. We have an excellent customer service team, used to take orders and refer customers to the nearest distributor. Every product is tested before leaving our plant, and we have a wide variety of models in stock. 

The future of Converters

Many companies need to deliver power to their machines. Here at Phase-A-Matic, we have a wide range of power sources. We can supply anything from a simple single-phase setup to three-phase high amperage industrial machines. Whatever your equipment needs, we have you covered!

Quick Turn Around Times

Orders received by noon are usually shipped on the same day. With over 3,000 distributors nationwide, Canada included, you’ll be able to find our products near you.

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